Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WIN! Get your mitts on a Carhartt outfit worth £100!



We've always been the caring and sharing types, showering you with gifts and discounts at the drop of a bobble hat. Recently however, we've come to the realisation that 'free' is the best price of all. That's why we're commencing on a feverish six weeks of competitions and give-aways. There'll be tag and grab competitions on our Facebook site, where you can bag an Eastpak bag with one click. There'll also be rather wonderful competitions running on our online store such as 'Win a Carhartt Outfit Worth £100!', in fact that one is running right now. Click through and enter immediately.

If you can't wait to get your grubby little hands all over the shiny new Carhartt stock, fear not, we've also decided to offer 10% off all Carhartt online purchases, all you have to do is enter the code 'OCT09' at the checkout and you're away!
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Don't forget, there's free delivery for orders over £30!

Monday, 26 September 2011

The Sugarhill gang...

Normally, you only find the perfect playsuit in a week you're entirely skint. You mooc
h around, trying it on every time you're in town, almost getting it to the till, until Vodafone send you a remider that your phone-bill is long overdue. When you've finally got some spare dollar, the playsuit is all but a memory. Then you see your best mate out in it at the weekend. Sucks to be you.

NOT THIS TIME! The arrival of money in your bank accounts has coincided with the arrival of the Sugarhill Boutique A/W collection. Payday couldn't have come at at better time. The 'Paris Nights' playsuit, favoured by celebrities such as Rebecca Ferguson, has been given a new lease of life. This gorgeous jade colour is perfect for Autumn £60.

Oh, hi 'Deery Me' playsuit. Tapping into the current print trend, this playsuit picks the most hipster of them all. Folklore meets easy day look and on-trend night attire, this little guy is one to throw on and let the compliments roll in. (£54)

Another firm favourite is the Love Lock Sweater, a glorious modern take on 1960's styling. The cropped sleeves with velvet bow details and statement print create a wearable transitional piece of knitwear which will look as great with your skinny jeans and pumps as it will with autumnal shorts or lighter dressy skirts. (£39)

In store this week, come on down....

Saturday, 24 September 2011



FLY 53


Product Code: BURTON


Retail Price: 100.00

  • · burton
  • · Available in midnight
  • · Sizes in stock: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, XLARGE, XXL.
  • · fly 53 coats and jackets
  • · fly 53 mens
  • · fly 53 parka

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Fly 53

Pull on, wear in, rock out... Fly53 is conceived, designed and born into the world to protect and serve the 24 hour party people. Born in the mid 90s from a limited series t-shirt collection, FLY53 has grown into one of the most innovative street fashion labels in the UK. Fly53 produces the very best wearable and original garments. Staying true to its heritage, the brand continues to collaborate with musicians and artists, injecting integrity, creativity and quality into an increasingly bland corporate market.
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Product Code: BACTERICIDE 2


Retail Price: 75.00

  • · bactericide hooded jacket
  • · Available in cordovan
  • · Sizes in stock: SMALL, LARGE, XXL.
  • · boxfresh coats and jackets
  • · boxfresh mens
  • · boxfresh hooded

Featuring a drawstring hood with a contrast interior pattern, logo on the breast of the coat, two side pockets with buttons and a ribbed hem and cuffs.



Boxfresh / (n)/ |bäks•-,fresh| 1. Someone or something that is new and cool or innovative in a fashion sense. 2. Originally derived from New York hip-hop slang describing a new pair of footwear as being “fresh out of the box”. Welcome to Boxfresh, a very British way of life that spans the last two decades of youth culture. In 1989 a lot of very culturally significant stuff was going on around the world…… Chinese intellectuals and students protested for months and were then slaughtered for freedom of rights, The Americans were busy voting in the first of the Bush dynasty, Germans were tearing down the Berlin wall by hand….. In England, teenagers waited eagerly in motorway service stations for directions to fields in the middle of nowhere. Fields of dreams immortalized in the memory of the UK dance scene. Boxfresh was born out of this…a hedonistic generation evolving through acid jazz, trip hop, drumb and bass into UK garage, grime and dub step. Trends and people may have come and gone….but our ethos has never changed. We are the British streetwear originators!
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Friday, 23 September 2011

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If we'd been keen on letting people know what we were up to a few years ago, then you would have known Jared Leto had popped in to do a mammoth shopping spree and you could have come and stared at him for a while like we did. It's not just useful for celebrity stalking, there's special deals for those who follow us. We're not bribing you, by the way, we just like you....

Lovely Stuff. x

Bold Street Festival 2011 Madness

We think Bold Street is pretty much the bee's knees and that's not just because we're located here. One-off shops, cafes and coffee shops a go--go, and the quirkiest of characters all combine to create Liverpool's coolest street. This weekend sees the Bold Street Festival back for it's fourth year, and this time it stretches over two days.

With pavement painters, street entertainers, in-store promotions, live music, vintage fairs and arts and crafts all on offer, as well as secret events held in St. Luke's Church, we see little reason to venture further afield. Bold Street will also be having another blast at nabbing the Guinness World Record attempt for the world's smallest nightclub. Tiny pleasures.

Keeping in the spirit of this wondrous event, Resurrection are offering a whopping 20% off all full-price clothing for the whole weekend. Now would be the time to get your mitts on that winter coat you've been eyeing up without sacrificing a night out. Come on down this weekend and see how it's done, as Bold Street showcases what it has to offer. That, and get 20% off the likes of Carhartt, Motel, Ben Sherman, Traffic People, New Era, Reverse, Wrangler, Levi's and Lee. MEGATOWN.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

New Era snap-backs are back in store!

You know the drill. Get one on your head before they're gone. Again...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Loads of Vans back in stock. Email or call us on 0151 709 2676 for details.



Product Code: U AUTHENTIC

Price: 40.00


Buy Now: http://www.resurrection-online.com/index.php?plu=0011031305&page_id=prod

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

Peter: September Needs A "Indie" Look.

Now remember me? I hope so, I hope I’ve revolutionised the way you wear your jeans, chinos and "Jeanos". Well have I? Good! Anyway, down to business.

As you can see I’ve put the word “indie” in inverted commas. This is down to the fact I hate categorising styles, however, I shall conform to the world’s need to put us all in boxes and give you my “indie” look.

I think we should start at the top, don’t you? So, the
tee I shall recommend for you is the Carhartt Varsity Crest tee. It comes in Eggplant and Blue, both huge colours for this season and your wardrobe clearly isn't braced and ready for those harsh winter months that lay ahead without a dash of Eggplant.

Now for your bottom half, jeans or chinos… hmmmm, this is a tough one, but I think I shall choose the most popular choice of slim/skinny fit chino that Resurrection sell and that is the almighty Carhartt Sid Pant, All hail the Sid Pant! With it's ‘’Super Skinny’ fit and tapered leg it's the perfect “indie” look pant.

Now how about something to cover your feet? Sound good? I have just the thing. The Ben Sherman Cleg Dessert Boot, note: not only for dessert use, allowed to be worn in most, if not all situations! This great staple dessert boot comes in 5 colours and for this look I would recommend the brown, a classic boot for a contemporary look.

Now lets get a coat shall we? So you don’t fall at the fatal cold winds of September! The coat of choice for this look is the Ben Sherman Hooded Parker. This coat is a lightweight, waterproof with a parker style perfect for the changing weathers of the transitional month of September.

Have Fun. But dont get crazy.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Full price items are so August...

20% Off

Fancy 20% off for the whole of September?

Of course you do! It really couldn't be simpler!

Simply enter 'LOVELYSTUFF' at the checkout online to receive your discount*


say 'LOVELY STUFF' at the till to get 20% off instore*!


This Just In...

The start of September is a little bit like Christmas in Resurrection. There's boxes, lots of boxes, all filled with wonderful treats and cold weather staples, and they're arriving daily. Though the carrying of said boxes isn't quite as fun, we've all mentally spent all our wages before the new stock finds its new home in store. One box which had the boys in raptures came in the form of the new Dr Denim stock. TheDonk chinos were a hit this summer, with the fit and price being right. The Donk has been re-worked for Autumn/Winter with the dashing 'Army' shade being the staff favourite.

The new Dickies collection turned heads upon arrival. It's a good job they deal in fabrics and cuts that age well, as these bad boys are so intensely well made that they're not going anywhere. The Longview shirt has been particularly coveted, it ticks all the right boxes and is thick enough to withstand a cold winter when the weather changes.

Funny how some items can actually make you long for the 'Big Freeze' of 2010. When the new WESC knitwear came in, we actually missed the treacherous walks to and from work, knowing full well that if we'd had one of these on our backs, we wouldn't have felt the cold or the pain from the inevitable flooring. Check out the Finley, see what we mean?!

The new Famous Stars And Straps is always worth a mention, have a wee gander at the Og Boh Hoodie. There's also some rather niftyWESC bobble hats, and though it's not currently on our online store, we now stock Hundreds. Get on it.

There's far too much to talk about in just one newsletter. Expect more soon...


Trainer SpotterOg BohFly 53

Have a great week!

Resurrection x