Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ladies Day Is Almost Upon Us....

Ladies Day is nearly upon us, but if you’re losing in the style stakes, make sure you up your game with a trip to Resurrection. We’ve got beautiful, sexy and demure dresses in abundance, so no matter how you’re planning to dress for Ladies Day, we’ve got it covered.

The Hedonia range ticks all boxes. Super-modern cuts and clean lines combine with this season’s sweet shop shades and there’s even a peplum thrown in to keep you bang on trend.

The Binky Dress is a Resurrection favourite. Sexy but sweet, it’s a sure bet for tomorrow’s Aintree fashion-fest. The Teresa Peplum dress is also worth a second and third glance and an eventual trip to the till.

We've got plenty more dresses that haven't quite made it online, but we've taken a few pics to let you see what's on offer!

Dress by Reverse

And if it all gets a bit too much, we sell Havaianas to save your feet on the way home!

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