Wednesday, 2 November 2011

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Now we’re done spending all our available funds on capes, fake blood and wigs, it’s time to put the finishing touches to our autumn attire. The season has finally changed, and although we were sunbathing just last month, gloves are almost rudimentary and footwear that lets in water just won’t cut it.

One way to brighten the fact it’s dark for more of the day than it’s light is a shiny new purchase. The new stock from Chunk, the purveyors of cult apparel with a humorous twist, are back with a new range of tees to tickle your funny bone. If you’re after some fictitious characters getting on with their lives outside the confines of the story that catapulted them to fame, then this is the brand for you. Take the Darkside Racing tee; it sees Star Wars characters on a racetrack, while the Ghost Train tee sees one of the ghosts from Pac Man living it large on some underground tracks.

Two Angle in now in store and it’s great. The brand’s ‘Baby’ tees are back, and the second wave features hip hop icons such as Snoop andPublic Enemy... as babies. It works, it just sound weird in print! Other highlights are the ‘Mabon Jacket’. This gilet has it going on in all the right areas, from the plaid detailing on the shoulders, to the fact it’s the warmest way to add a little style to your wardrobe this side of a massive coat.

Footwear-wise, we’ve had a load of high-end styles in for your perusal. Sperry’s Shipyard range is now in store. The ‘Longshoreman Chukka’ and ‘Rigger Boots’ definitely get our vote.

The ladies needn’t feel left out. Our current stock is getting so much airtime on the television you’d be hard-pushed not to be dressed like a celeb if you’re a Resurrection regular. The X-Factor judges and contestants have all been pictured in Motel and Sugarhill designs in store now. Now Magazine has jumped on the ‘loving everything we ordered for A/W11 bandwagon’, making the Motel ‘Renne’ dress one of its party dresses of the season. It’s great being right!

We’ve got competitions coming out of our ears at the moment. For those of you who haven’t ‘liked’ our official Facebook page, there’s £100 of store credit in it for you if you’re fan number XX. We’re nearing the number, get on it. For those who’ve had the sense to join already, ‘Guess The Celeb’ for your chance to win £100 of store credit. There’s a new clue each day!

Resurrection. x

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