Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I'll take the cold heart, thanks...

Being blessed with below average circulation, I've become more than bored with the old wives tale that having blocks of ice for feet and hands makes me more loving. Not only does it mean that I'm unable to put on moisturiser in the winter without blasting my hands with a hairdryer first, many a romantic moment has been ruined by the
object of my affection shreiking like he's just fallen through a hole in the ice as my skin touches his. So if there's a practical AND fashionable way of getting around this, I am most definitely in.

This year, my feet will be firmly encased within these beauties. New in to Resurrection and my heart, meet the Dr
Martens 'Billie' boots. Part of the
brand's modern classics range, the boot features all the DM staples we've come to love, such as the stitched (not glued), air-cushioned, rubber soul and lightly textured leather, but, and here's the clincher, these are fur-lined.

Though the moisturiser problem will remain, at least my feet will no longer give me reason to believe I'm an actual , bona fide member of the X-Men. If only Dr Martens made gloves...

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