Thursday, 20 October 2011

Rejoice! Motel has made it to the big screen!..

Rejoice! Motel has made it to the big screen!.. Well the small screen really, but X-factor is the biggest show on it!

This weekend was a big one for Motel, making hardcore fans out of budding girl group 'Rhythmix', with the girls between them racking up not one but two Motel outfits over the weekend of live shows.

Leigh-anne kicked off our Motel TV extravaganza on Saturday night sporting the vibrant, block printed, body-con Kylie skirt before adding a youthful and flirtacious feel with an oversized kiss print Tilly Crop tee.

Clearly seething with jealousy at all the Motel goodies Leigh-anne had blagged, Jade grabbed her own black, leopard print heart Faye tee for Sunday nights live results show.

If your finding yourself just as jealous as Jade, No Fear!!! ...Resurrection has a brand spanking delivery of all things Motel. With the girls weekend threads decorating our rails it would be quite frankly rude not to pay us a visit.

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