Monday, 10 October 2011

Resurrection presents... The Merc Harrington

We thought it'd be nice for you to familiarise yourself with one of our all-time best-sellers.

We proudly present... the Merc Harrington jacket.

The Harrington has long been a wardrobe staple of the stylish. The waist-length, lightweight jacket sprung into our lives in the 1930's, becoming popular when Elvis Presley wore the Baracuta G9 in the 1958 movie 'King Creole'.

And the name? Harrington jackets coined their name from the 1960s soap Peyton Place, where the main character, Rodney Harrington, was never seen out of one.

Mods, skinheads, revitalists, scooter boys and your average Joe Bloggs have all made the Harrington a vital part of their look. Merc's take on the jacket features the classic red check lining, heavy, hard-wearing cotton, two buttoned pockets, an inside breast pocket and stand-up collar with two buttons.

Smart yet casual, it's no surprise some companies are still producing the same model they were in the 1930's. You don't need to mess with perfection...

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